Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holy Guacamole!

Those are the words my youngest son utters when he gets excited about something. When I let him have a treat he says "whoopee!" I'm not sure where he learned either one of these phrases, but every time I hear them, I can't help but smile.
So, to quote Cannon, "Holy Guacamole and Whoppee!" Claire bear slept through the night.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas cards

I have nothing of importance to say today. I am just feeling the guilt at not having updated for weeks. I am a blog slacker. I am however impressed with the other things I have accomplished in the past few weeks. The one I am most impressed with is the mailing of my Christmas cards. This is a fight every year with the professor. He gets frustrated that I even attempt. His reasoning being that out of the 10 Christmases we have shared together, I have actually mailed out all my Christmas cards exactly never. Some years I get some cards mailed, while the others get filed away after Christmas. Other years I buy all the items I need but never finish making the cards. Some years I get the cards made, addressed, and even stamped, but fail to make it to the post office. Last year I even accepted defeat early by buying cheap cards, and reasoning that if I didn't get them sent, I was only out a couple bucks. I didn't get them sent. You can understand his impatience with this yearly tradition. But this year was different. I went to great lengths to buy matching shirts, have someone take our picture, buy photo paper to go with the new printer, cut, glue, and tie cards together for not only our family, but also friends, old and new. This took, from start to finish, about 2 weeks. I could see the skepticism in his eyes as I worked on them. His head would shake when I told him I was just about done. A "Whatever" came out of his mouth as I put them in my purse and headed to buy stamps. I don't think he actually believes I mailed them, by the 15th of December no less. But, I did. This was a personal victory. I started and finished my Christmas cards. I can be responsible and trusted with this job. However, if I was you, I would keep this years' card for next Christmas. It might be a few more years before you see another one.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006


One reason I haven't posted much as of late-it's hard to type one-handed. Seeing as I have a small bundle in one arm, it leaves only one hand to punch out keys, which is waaaaaaay too slow a way to type. Today however, I have mastered holding an infant and using both hands. I just hope she doesn't fall off my shoulders.

Other things I can now do one handed-
Open a can of soda without spilling it on her
Sign my name
Cook spaghetti
Brush Emme's hair(she doesn't like it when I do this)
Make lunches for the kids
Drive(Settle down, I'm not holding her, just keeping her binky in while she sits in her carseat)

Yesterday I had one of those moments every mother lives for, when you finally get a glimpse of your children being kind, helpful, and well-behaved, all at the same time. Those moments are fleeting, and need to be cherished. We were at the store, the smallest needed to be held, her brother just woke up cranky from a nap, and the two eldest had just arrived home from a long day at school. It had all the ingredients for a disaster. But the elder brother took his little brother by the hand, and my daughter took the shopping basket. I told her what to put in, while the two boys went to the bathroom. She checked me out at the selfscan, the boys came back and carried the bags to the car. They did all this without arguing over who got to do what and their baby sister got a chance to be comforted to sleep.
Candy seemed like such a small reward for their efforts, but it was well received.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I know, I know

I'm still here.
Things that have happened or will be happening-
I officially turned 30 last month.
My oldest is going to be 9 in a week.
My baby gained almost 3 pounds.
My ten year anniversary is in a few weeks.
We decorated for Christmas Thanksgiving weekend (a first).
I am back to running.

And a picture of the kiddies on Santa's lap for those of you desperate to revel in the beauty of my children. Please keep in mind that I am no Liz, and I do not have photoshop, and that my digital camera sucks.