Saturday, February 07, 2009

Smart is as smart does...

When I was younger, I was told I was smart.
I took smart people classes.
I got smart people grades.
I scored higher than some siblings on smart people tests.
All in all, it was very validating.
Especially because I didn't have to try that hard.
Then, somewhere along the line, I tried less and less.
And I decided that just getting by was good enough.
And then I dropped out of the smart people race altogether.

Then I became a mom.
And nobody calls me smart.
Well, nobody but a bunch of kids, and what do they know.
And some days, I feel all my talents are wasted on washing the same dishes, picking up the same toys, cooking the same meals, refereeing the same fights.
And I feel my brain turning to mush.

But then I went to Roundtable (it's this place nobody said I'd have to go to, but I actually do have to go to).
And there was a test on scouts.
And I happen to have learned a lot recently about this topic.
So I totally aced it.
And I felt smart again.

The End.

Poems by Emme


My dad lives in a town
This town is not underground
He knows what to do in a fire
And he is not a liar

My dad is nice
He likes to skate on ice
He is a college teacher
Who always works on his feature

He likes to eat cherry cake
He likes to go skiing on the lake
He may like root beer
But he does not have any fear.

Ummm...this is all true.

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