Saturday, February 07, 2009

Smart is as smart does...

When I was younger, I was told I was smart.
I took smart people classes.
I got smart people grades.
I scored higher than some siblings on smart people tests.
All in all, it was very validating.
Especially because I didn't have to try that hard.
Then, somewhere along the line, I tried less and less.
And I decided that just getting by was good enough.
And then I dropped out of the smart people race altogether.

Then I became a mom.
And nobody calls me smart.
Well, nobody but a bunch of kids, and what do they know.
And some days, I feel all my talents are wasted on washing the same dishes, picking up the same toys, cooking the same meals, refereeing the same fights.
And I feel my brain turning to mush.

But then I went to Roundtable (it's this place nobody said I'd have to go to, but I actually do have to go to).
And there was a test on scouts.
And I happen to have learned a lot recently about this topic.
So I totally aced it.
And I felt smart again.

The End.


The Tryons said...

Hey Melanie!

It's Brittany Tryon from Pecan Creek 2nd ward/primary.

I found your blog while reading through some celiac stuff, and I ended up at your killthegluten blog, and I saw your picture and was thinking "is that who I think it is?!" Haha, so I followed you here and sure enough it is! And holy crap, I am so glad to find someone I actually know with celiac disease! I was diagnosed just before last Christmas.

lmbrady said...

I seriously wonder where my smarts have gone. I can't even spit out enough words to break up fighting children.
I guess it makes for a good laugh.

Lissa Lou said...

follow your blog and love your posts. You have wonderful children and husband.
Hope all is well.