Monday, November 06, 2006


I recently figured out how to add pictures to my blog. It wasn't that it was difficult, I just never got around to it. So you will be inundated with photos of my children now. Aren't you lucky? I just don't know how to make them rotate. So turn your heads to the side and admire my kids.
Here was Halloween last week. I went out and bought Claire a pumpkin hat, mainly because it was her first holiday and I wanted a picture of her in a costume, and unfortunately no other costumes came close to fitting her. She is so tiny now, something I am treasuring. The other children were so excited to go trick-or-treating, and since Dad was working, I took them all. I am amazed at how much candy they got after just one and a half blocks. Not only that, but out of all the candy, only 2 Reese's PB cups. I secretly went through their stashes while they were gone and took anything of value. 1 Almond Joy, a few Snickers, the aforementioned PB cups, M&M's both mini and regular, some Starbursts, and some Skittles. I am reminded as to why I will not lose any of my baby weight until after the holidays. Oh well. The children, odd as they are, pick out all of the suckers and hard candy. That is the type of sweet treats what they love. Those and Tootsie Rolls. Ughh. I find it hard to believe we're related.