Thursday, December 11, 2008

Because you know you want to see pics of my kids...

This picture is my favorite of all the children.

This is the prof's favorite, and being a good wife, I put it in the Christmas card.

I love this one.

My awesome sis, Beka, took these pictures of my family. I wish my children didn't run in horror at the thought of getting photographed. Even though they absolutely hate every minute of it, Bek still was somehow able to make us look good.


PassTheChips said...

Well she makes everyone look good except for your husband. Bek is pretty awesome, but she's no miracle worker.

Beka said...

Thanks Mike!

It is crazy to look at the first picture on the bench and then look at the one in your header. Chance is totally a teenager now. They all look so much older.

Kristy said...

They are fantastic! You look great!